This basic objects that make up the game world and are an integral part of gameplay. Together they make up the physical environment and can be extracted and converted back to set the gaming world. Right side of most of the blocks has a texture with a resolution of 16 × 16 pixels, and the volume is proportional to the total unit per cubic meter.

Name Block Icon Craft/Methods for Obtaining Drop Function
Magic Ore Can be found in Cave Magic ingot When production triggered one of 3 options:summon mobs,explosion,summon magic ore.
Magic block Summon mobs,item,block or Key in Molten Core When production triggered one of 3 options:summon mobs,item,block or Key in Molten Core
WOW Crafting Table WOW Crafting Table Need for Items.
Sand WOW Can be found in the desert Sand WOW Upon the occurrence of it spawns Sand Elemantal
Death of Dirt Can be found in the Biom Of Death Death of Dirt -
Water In Glass
Water In Glass -
Lava In Glass
Lava In Glass -
Water Elemental's Head
Water Elematal's Head Need for Water Elemental
Lava Elemental's Head
Lava Elemental's Head Need for Lava Elemental
Ice Elemental's Head
Ice Elemental's Head Need for Ice Elemental
Dirt Elemental's Head
Dirt Elemental's Head Need for Dirt Elemental
Volcanic Ore Masher
Volcanic Ore Masher Need for Ingots

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