2016-06-11 18.21.11

Dead Biome

Dead biome - this biome consists of the dead land, dead biome lives whip and denying.It can be found in the overworld.Biome is a very dangerous and is not advised to start.

The first block of this biome is a block Dead.This is followed by 3 cobblestone block.


  • Scouged Man
  • Abomination (WIP)
  • Nerubian (WIP)
  • Rat
  • As well as the usual aggressive mobs.


2016-05-15 10.38.44

Temple Priest Shade Sarvis

2016-05-29 19.50.48

Сemetery in Dead Biome

2016-06-11 18.24.57

Mobs in Dead Biome

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