Epic - these items is more difficult to produce, craft very complex. I am falling out with bosses and rare mobs. A chance meeting in chests minimum.

Name Sword Icon Damage Durability Craft/Methods for Obtaining Function
Hammer's Death
2016-06-13 11.45.58
9 195
Gives Effect Wither
Twin Blade
2016-06-13 11.46.04
14 290
Right Click gives jump
Death Knight Sword
2016-06-13 11.51.47
16 350
Right Click shoots poison skull
2016-06-13 11.46.17
18-20 290

Gun/Staff Edit

Name Gun/Staff Icon Damage Catridga Durability Craft/Methods for Obtai
Fire Gun ~18 - 450 Can be found in Dangerous
Stone Of fire - Nether Dast 350 Can be found in Dangerous

Tool Edit

Name Tool Icon Damage Durability Craft/Methods for Obtai
Magic Staff - 10

Cards Edit

Name Card Icon Catridga Function
Bottel Of Rum Card Mana

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