Legendery - These items are the most powerful and well-detailing. Almost all of them have the best features.

Name Sword Icon Damage Durability Craft/Methods for Obtaining Function
Sword Captain Greenskin
2016-06-13 12.02.08
9 120 Drop from Captain Greenskin Right Click gives effect Power,Cooldown 10 second.
Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
2016-06-13 12.02.10
27 650 Drop from Ragnaros the Firelord Right Click shoots FireBall
SuperMech228Over9000 - 100004 9000 - PERFECT



Name Gun/Staff Icon Damage Catridga Durability Can be found in Dangerous
Bo Staff Summon Friendly Murloc - 150 Drop from Old Murk-Eye
Poison Undead


Gives effect poison(4) 10 second - 200 Drop from Priest Shade Sarvis
Fire Crossbow ~30(gives fire) Fire arrow 500 Drop from Baron Ged


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