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Temple Priest Shade Sarvis

It can be found in the Dead Biome.

Near the temple, you can meet the "Trees". Nearby is a broken house. And behind its tiny cemetery.

To open the door of the temple, you will need a key, you can find it on a pirate ship.Mobs


  • Skeleton
  • Abomination (WIP)
  • Scouged Man
  • Priest Shade Sarvis


  • Bone
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Arrow
  • Iron Ingot
  • Gold Nugget
  • Skeleton Skull
  • Iron Horse Armor
  • Small Axe
  • Bone Sword
  • Bone Hammer
  • Backsword
  • Zerno
  • Helmer Armor Persecuting Scourge
  • Nerubian Body
  • Bone Ingot


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